Publications by Dr. Kotha

Here is a list of publications and research of Dr. Purushotham Kotha:

1. Chronic Active Hepatitis Due to Oxyphenisatin.  

First Author. British Medical Journal 281:1530. December 6, 1980.

2. Principal Investigator. GUSTO. Site: Ca 056.  

New England Journal of Medicine. 329: 673-682. September 2, 1993.

3. Early Deaths with Thrombolytic Therapy for AMI in Corticosteroid-Dependent Rheumatoid Arthritis.  

First Author. Clinical Cardiology 21: 853-856. November 1998

4. Impaired Reverse Cholesterol Transport in Asian Indians. Abstract.  

JACC February2001/vol.37/number 2 (supplement A)

5. High Density Lipoprotein Subclass distribution in people of Asian Indian descent. 

The National Asian Indian Heart Disease Project. Preventive Cardiology Spring 2005.

6. DIA- Diabetes in Indian Americans. Diabetes and complications 2009

7.  Modified criteria for determining cardiometabolic syndrome in Asian Indians living in the USA: Report from the diabetes among Indian Americans national study. Kotha P, et al, Int J Cardiol (2012), doi: 10, 1016/j.ijcard.2011.12.040

8. Indian Americans and cardio metabolic syndrome

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